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Chevy's story

ChevySo my beloved Chevy passed away April 12th after a fast moving bout with cancer at age 11 1/2.

Chevy was the reason that I started feeding raw and ultimately opened MEAT.

After losing her I felt like I had to continue to help other pets in her name. I was seeking an assistance program that helped pay for vet bills when the people couldn't afford the treatment required to save their loved ones. I chose NW Vet Specialists in Clackamas, because they already have a program in existence simply called the Assistance Fund and it needs more donations.

ChevyMy pets and I have been going to holistic vets for the past 6 years (thank you Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic, Two Rivers Veterinary and Lisa Hoberg) and were sent to NW Vet Specialists when we couldn't figure out what was wrong with Chevy. For three months we were in and out of NW VS for x-rays, scopes and ultrasounds. The whole crew there was so sweet, they remembered Chevy’s name and instantly brought out a towel for her drooling needs.

I donated as much as I could afford in Chevy's name and am hoping that their fund continues to grow so that others can benefit from it. If you want to help out some furry friends and their financially in need owners, please choose this hospital and this fund to donate to. The more money they have the more pets they can help.

Thanks so much!!!!!!

Heidi Liedeker
owner of MEAT

If you have more questions about this fund please call 503.656.3999 and this is where to send donations if you are interested.

NW Vet Specialists Assistance Fund
16756 SE 82nd Drive
Clackamas, OR 97015



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